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We have created our own ABCD’s of Leading through a crisis!

Adaptive – Consider the Adaptive Leadership Theory.

Cambridge Leadership describes it like this, “Adaptive Leadership is a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments”. Does that sound like the times we are living in right now?

Below is a clip from Heifetz concerning the theory from 2009. See the truths for today.

• Adapt your products and services to the current situation
• Keep lead generation and new customers flowing
• Use alternative solutions to maintain daily operations
• Change is required so embrace it and adapt

Heifetz talks about “getting on the balcony” to gain a new perspective, above the challenge, and outside of your norm.

Brainstorm – Let ideas flow.

• Fear causes people to freeze. Allow ideas to flow from all levels and people
• No bad ideas. Create a creative and safe culture where even crazy ideas can be shared
• Prioritize and implement some of your best new ideas


• Make sure clients can connect. Virtual call centers and at home solutions keep you going.
• Implement tech upgrades to keep the communication flowing

Digital – Send in the pixels, your voice, your video, connect electronically

• Use Social Media and Digital Marketing solutions to stay connected
• Use tools like zoom and video conferencing to send in your messages electronically