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Faith can take on all different meanings, not just a religious one. While we certainly may have faith in a higher power, as I do, it can be difficult to have no matter what form it comes in. I have found faith to be my saving grace, and yet I have found it difficult to understand at times particularly as it relates to my religious faith. What I have discerned is that faith is the hardest to have, on a consistent basis, when it comes to yourself and your fellow man. Do you have faith in yourself, particularly in difficult times? I tend to believe we don’t, especially in all matters of faith, when things are difficult.

One could argue that it is sometimes easier to have faith in all things other than oneself when going through tough times. And my friends, most of us are all going through hard times whether it be COVID, civil unrest, financial, some other personal situation or all the above. This is a time that it may be hard to have faith in yourself, that you can make a difference, but you must. The time has come for us to step up and find that common ground, to support our fellow brothers and sisters of all backgrounds and to find a way to live in harmony and peace by making systemic changes in our systems and to differing degrees in our lives. To do that you have to have faith in yourself and faith that the majority of your brothers and sisters are doing the same.

Peaceful Hugs is not a large organization, but we realize that making a difference, is not about size or money, but working with others who believe in and have faith in a common mission! Collectively we can make a difference! That is why we are partnering with others to help make a change, a difference in our community, in this difficult time. Sitting back and doing nothing is not an option. We will be announcing in the next several days our first of several new initiatives to help the community. We have faith in you, we have faith in our communities, and we have faith that this time we can make a longlasting difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters. For me, I have faith in God that he will help guide me, and us, to continue to make a difference.

Remember – The second is this: Love! Mark Steven