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Do you love music? If you do, is it the instrument(s) you love, maybe the person(s) signing, maybe it is the lyrics or the feeling it gives you. I love music as it has brought me such joy and keeps me balanced in my life by reminding me of the past, encouraging me in the present, and helping me think about and plan for the future. 

However, we often only think about the final product we hear when in fact before being composed, music is messy like life can be.

It can sound horrible if the instruments or voices are off-key or if the lyrics do not match the beat or if even one instrument does not flow with the sounds of the others. We often do not hear or see the messy creation of the finished product which took time to create and compose a beautiful masterpiece. Sometimes it is one person who creates the masterpiece out of chaos, other times it is a collaboration of many. Life, is the same way, don’t you think?  

And so it goes without saying that is how Peaceful Hugs came to be and what it is, created out of a messy, sometimes terrible, set of circumstances only to create something beautiful to help others who at times in their lives like me, like you, are struggling to create beautiful music and in doing so have to find the right instruments, the right words and do the hard work. It can hours, days, weeks, months, or years to find that right formula and often we need help, and often times we don’t ask for it! 

“I Won’t Give Up” is a wonderful song written by Jason Mraz and it has a very special meaning to me. That song reminded me about a tough relationship I had and that I thought God did not want me to give up. I was sure of it! When that relationship ended, it was devastating, as I do not give up and yet I failed miserably. Often I would listen to the song and pray about what I thought the message was, what did I miss in the song, and through prayer.

Almost two years later I happened to be working on a Peaceful Hugs project and was in prayer, with the TV on (how is that for multi-tasking) when the video of this song came on. I stopped, watched, listened, and I finally got it! Loud, clear, concise, stirring, I got the message 7 years in the making. The song was never about my relationship with this one individual but about my relationship with my creator and His intent on me learning from that relationship (that’s another blog in the making) in order to be a better person and humbly to support Peaceful Hugs and in doing so have a relationship with those in need who come to us. And as I wrote in the last blog post, that meant everyone no matter how different than me. We all need help at some point! I am so glad I did not give up so we can help others.

The point is this! Creating beautiful music, no matter whether it is a relationship, a family, a career, a non-profit….is worth working for. Finding the right message, the right instruments, the right lyrics may take time, it may be hard. but no matter what, you just cannot give up!  

And so we aren’t and you shouldn’t either! If ever in need, we are willing to help. That said, we expect to announce a new program we will be rolling out next week in Detroit. We are excited to be able to help others in this time of unexpected and unplanned need for many. Watch out for our announcement on our Website and Facebook page this week! 

Don’t give up because your song is not finished.

Mark Steven