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About Peaceful Hugs


How and Why Peaceful Hugs Started:

Detroit is not just a city to our founder, it is a way of being, it becomes part of your Soul, and he is proud of his Detroit roots and believes it is the key to his success. A Detroit Soul can be tough and is a hard worker that never, ever, gives up. A Detroit Soul is a great friend who is kind and loving and honest, although sometimes direct which is when you know they care. A Detroit Soul helps those who want to help themselves, doesn’t blame others and is never defeated. A Detroit Soul is an enigma, like a candy with a hard shell to bite through, but once you do it has a sweetness inside that surprises you.Our founder was born and raised in Detroit’s Burbank neighborhood (6 mile and Gratiot) and as an at-risk youth at 15, on his own, he moved from place to place. Watching the decay of the neighborhood, seeing and hearing sinful racism and negativity take hold, and walking amongst those addicted to drugs and alcohol, he vowed that one day he would come home and reinvigorate the neighborhood and help those in need like he was at one time. That journey took him over 30 years as trials, tribulation and loss were replaced with humbleness, love and wisdom.

One night, while on his knees praying, he was told to call a Detroit economic organization the next day. When he called and told his story, the woman on the other end of the phone said; “oh my God, you won’t believe the meeting we just had.” That conversation validated the need for Peaceful Hugs and the result was the opening of an office providing services to the neighborhood and a focus on revitalization.

As the story continues to be written, Peaceful Hugs carries out its mission in humbleness, kindness and love in Spirit with God and… in a Spirit of Detroit way throughout the country!

The Mission

The mission of Peaceful Hugs is to assist Single parents, “At-Risk” Youth, and people in need.  We do this by providing opportunities in employment, education, housing, and other resources to support personal and professional growth!

“Many times it takes a loss to understand the meaning of Love! Love to understand the meaning of Happiness! Happiness to find Wisdom! It takes Wisdom to know loss can be a gift!”
-Mark Steven-


Peace is the concept of harmonious well-being, freedom from hostile aggression, violence, and unresolved conflict.  More than ever, we need peace.


Hugs are a form of nonverbal communication. A hug can transcend religions, cultures, ages and gender lines. A hug can indicate familiarity, love, affection, friendship, brotherhood, or sympathy. A hug can indicate support, comfort, and consolation, particularly where words are insufficient. A hug is about human connection, touching another’s life, and being present and engaged.


Daisies grow all year long and are naturally resistant to diseases,  pests, and difficulties.  They are overcomers.  Daisy’s are composite flowers consisting of two flowers. The inner section is the disc floret and the outer petals are called the ray floret. Two flowers coming together as one symbolizes true love, harmony, and a connection that is eternal.  A daisy, just like the person you give this flower to, appreciates simplicity, modesty, loyalty, and patience.

Daisies close their petals each night and open them up every morning, a symbol for a new beginning in life and hope.

Peaceful Hugs is interviewing for Board members in the roles of Community Director and Director of Fund Raising.

If interested please contact Contact